Today I will tell you how can calculate the 2 strings similarities. I used this method for adding products to the product table. Why?

Because most of the users generally didn't check the product is added before, they feel more comfortable just creating a new registration. I don't want to let this, lets look at how we can do this

I used the replace method in MsSQL, as you know replace method gets 3 inputs, the first of 2 are input strings, last one for replacing. I inspired by the Turing machine(if you don't what is this, please check it)

Let's assume you give a string to the Turing machine and you want to calculate is it included with the same count of a and b. it will read the string and it will replace to one by one with the # symbol. if it read one ‘a’ it will replace with # and it will search b for replacing with #. After replacing the transactions, if there is just # in the string it means a and b equal.

I used the same technic to calculate the similarities

declare @first as nvarchar(255)=’this is the string’
declare @second as nvarchar(255)=’this is’
select (1.0-CAST(len(replace(TRIM(@first),TRIM(@second),''))/CAST(len(@first)
AS FLOAT) AS FLOAT))*100 similarity,(CAST(len(replace(@second,@first,''))/CAST(len(@first) AS FLOAT) AS FLOAT))*100 difference
select (replace(TRIM(@first),TRIM(@second),'')),(replace(TRIM(@second),TRIM(@first),''))

I hope it will be useful for you.

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